Biologic Orthodontics

Our skilled dentist provides biologic orthodontics in Castle Rock and Castle Rock, Colorado, to improve your oral and overall health. This type of orthodontic treatment integrates aesthetic and function, taking the entire chewing system into account to create healthy, beautiful and functional results. We invite you to call Dentistry at Happy Canyon at 303-688-3800 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Travis Haws and learn more about biologic orthodontics in Castle Rock and Castle Pines, Colorado.

Biologic orthodontic therapy focuses on the entire chewing system and the best ways to improve your overall health and function as well as your smile. Our dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth using the most comprehensive and precise examination and diagnostic protocols and technologies. This will allow us to create an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan that meets your needs. This approach allows us to provide orthodontic treatment to both children and adults.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

The most important result of early orthodontic treatment is ensuring that your child’s airway is open. This helps them grow and develop properly so that they can get the rest they need and avoid future sleep breathing disorders. We work closely with ear, nose and throat specialists to make sure your child’s airway is healthy. The second focus of early treatment is to ensure that their bite is aligned properly so that their tongue and swallowing functions are correct. This reduces the need for future treatment.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Our treatment approach works with all of the natural forces of the chewing system to straighten teeth while the entire face and jaw reach their optimal positions. In some cases, this may require orthodontic treatment as an adult, even for individuals who have previously received treatment as teenagers. Our goal is to restore balance to your chewing system as well as improving your smile.

For more information about biologic orthodontics and to set up an appointment, please contact our office today.