Sleep Apnea & Disordered Breathing

If you aren’t getting the rest you need despite sleeping through the night, you may be suffering from sleep apnea in Castle Rock or Castle Pines, Colorado. To help you improve your health and get the the bottom of your problem, our experienced dentist can evaluate your sleep disordered breathing in relation to UARS, or upper airway resistance syndrome. Sleep apnea can cause or contribute to serious medical conditions, so we strongly recommend that you seek treatment as soon as possible if you suspect that it may be a concern for you. Dr. Travis Haws is an official Breathe Ambassador and has trained with The Breathe Institute, making him uniquely qualified to help our patients address their sleep disordered breathing. He can help you acquire sleep physician verified sleep studies and may recommend a CPAP evalution, frenuloplasty or myofunctional therapy. To learn more about sleep apnea and schedule your consultation, call Dentistry at Happy Canyon today at 303-688-3800.